Telluride Irrigation services include:

  • New irrigation installations, retrofitting and add-ons. Water feature installation, maintenance, spring and winterization services.
  • Drainage and perforated pipe installations and french drains.
  • Weekly and bi-monthly system and landscape inspections.
  • Maintenance as requested.
  • Annual backflow testing, certification and service.

Spring startups include turning main irrigation on inside, fully testing the system zone by zone and scheduling your irrigation controller. We check for any damage from the winter, correct sunken or tilted irrigation heads and ensure that your system will operate as it was intended.​

Any labor involved with fixes and replacements is billed as time & material. 

  • Fall Blowouts involve using a high-volume compressor to purge the irrigation system zone by zone for the winter. Inside access will be needed for main shut off. ​​

  We look forward to working with you!

Telluride Irrigation

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